Each season brings its share of challenges for the comfort and the health of our eyes. With the Canadian winters known to be harsh, many people wonder if it is good to wear contact lenses despite the cold and the wind. Also, who says winter says varying temperatures due to our heating systems, which needs to operate at full capacity. These situations can cause our eyes to be dry, and this is especially true for contact lens wearers.

Contact lenses offer multiple advantages. Among other things, they are convenient to enjoy the outdoors fully and to practice many physical activities. Plus, they never get fogged up because your eye’s tear fluids keep the lenses moist at all times. 

They also offer a better field of vision, which means that they do not change the actual size of objects in any way, unlike glasses.

Is it Safe to Wear Contact Lenses in Really Cold Weather?

Wearing contact lenses on cold days is definitely safe for your eyes. There is no counter-indication, and no particular impact has been found that could affect your eyes. If you experience dry eyes while practicing your favourite winter activities, your Optometrist can suggest artificial tears to reduce your dry eye symptoms and improve your comfort.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your contact lenses when practicing winter sports:

Protect your Eyes from the Wind

Wearing sunglasses can keep the cold wind from drying out your eyes. All year-round, even on cloudy days, sunglasses protect your eyes from nature’s elements. With low temperatures and the icy wind, sunglasses become the ally of your comfort. In winter, the sky is often crystal clear and cloudless with a bright sun. When the weather is this nice, consider wearing sunglasses in addition to your contact lenses to protect your eyes from UV rays. Also, if it is snowing, sunglasses can prevent you from being dazzled.

Carry Eye Drops with You

From the hot inside air and subzero temperatures outside, thermal shock can be incredibly taxing on your eyes. Contact lens wearers can use artificial tears to make wearing their lenses more comfortable. The drops moisturize the eyes and remove deposits that accumulate on the surface of the lenses, artificial tears provide comfort throughout the duration of your activity.

Keep in mind that winter sports are a great way to stay fit and keep active during the colder months, not to mention the health benefits all year round! Ask your Optometrist what your options are in terms of contact lenses regarding your prescription, eye health and lifestyle. Do not forget your artificial tears as well as your sunglasses and…. Go outside to enjoy the wonderful winter months!