In recent years, false eyelashes have gained popularity. While a few years ago, they were mainly seen on movie stars or recording artists, eyelash extensions have now been democratized and adopted by women of all ages. The question is, are they safe to use?

The technique.

The principle of this technique is to place the synthetic lashes one by one on the natural lashes with surgical glue to bond both sets of lashes. Each extension lasts for a few weeks, after which the natural lashes and the extension will fall out naturally. According to the natural cycle of the lashes, new ones will grow, and other extensions can then be applied while respecting the strength of the natural lash. This has the effect of enhancing our features and making our eyes pop while shaving precious time from our beauty routine.

The application of false eyelashes and ensuring the safety of this practice.

Eyelash extensions are not inherently dangerous if a certified technician correctly applies them and if they are well maintained. They should be applied with a clinically approved glue, which may cause allergic reactions in some people. In addition, the instruments must be sterilized between each application. Otherwise, the risk of contamination is significantly increased. This is when contagious infections such as conjunctivitis can be transmitted from one person to another. Therefore, the isolation of a natural lash is the most important aspect of this practice. If it is not done correctly, the extensions will be stuck in clusters on several natural lashes at the same time. It is then impossible to brush them out, which affects the maintenance, hygiene and healthy regrowth of natural lashes.

Safe practices and the need for recognized training.

To wear extensions safely, it is important to ensure that the person who performs the application has acquired adequate training and certification. In addition, any good technician must participate in ongoing training, which allows them to keep their technique up to date. Extensions cannot be applied overnight without guidance, and above all, they cannot be improvised. A healthy application must be adapted to the person's lashes (length, size, type, curve), to the general sensitivity of their skin, and facial morphology. The use of recognized professional products specifically designed for the care of eyelashes and eyes is imperative!

Since the eyes are closed during the application, the lower area must be protected beforehand. This is to prevent contact between the glue and the lower part of the eye. However, trusted companies offer a wide range of products according to sensitivity, which is why it is important to choose a trusted technician who is committed to hygiene protocols, has good listening skills and pays particular attention to the health of your eyes.

To enhance your eyes, consult your IRIS optician, who will be able to advise you on the choice of frames that will enhance your eyes, your lashes and your personality.