There are different types of polarized lenses, each with specific characteristics for various uses. Before you buy your new polarized sunglasses, take a few minutes to discover the many types of polarized lenses available on the market.

What is a polarized lens?

Eyewear polarized lenses are designed to reduce annoying reflections and improve visibility. This lens type is enjoyable to wear in situations where light reflects intensely. This can happen, for example, while driving, boating or practicing winter sports.

A polarizing lens is a tinted lens equipped with a polarizing film that reduces light reflection and glare. It also has the advantage of improving colour perception, relief and contrast between lighter and darker tones.

Polarized lenses available on the market offer:

  • Greater comfort by reducing glare
  • Sharper vision with greater colour contrasts
  • Optimum UV protection, blocking 100% of rays

In other words, sunglasses with polarized lenses enhance your outdoor experience when the sun is shining, in summer and winter.

Types of polarized lenses for your sunglasses

Standard polarized lenses: ideal for outdoor activities and driving

These are basic polarized lenses designed to reduce horizontal reflections, such as those on water or the road. They're suitable for driving and outdoor activities. However, if you spend much time on the road or in nature, you might also appreciate gradient or photochromic polarized lenses.

Sunglasses with polarized gradient lenses for driving

The gradient polarized lens has a gradient tint, with a darker shade at the top and a lighter shade at the bottom. This design is particularly popular for driving. Thanks to the gradient, these lenses reduce glare from overhead light while allowing a clear road view.

Polarized photochromic lens that adapts to varying light

These lenses can darken or lighten according to the intensity of sunlight. They automatically adapt to changing light conditions, offering constant clear vision from morning to night. This explains why sunglasses with photochromic polarized lenses are so popular with outdoor enthusiasts.

Polarized mirrored lenses for water sports and mountain activities

These mirror-like lenses feature a reflective coating on the outer surface. It is this layer that adds extra protection against glare. This type of polarizing lens is commonly used for activities near water or in the mountains, whether in winter or summer.

Polarized prescription lenses to correct vision problems

If you wear prescription glasses, you can get polarized lenses tailored to your vision needs.

Before buying polarized sunglasses, we recommend you make an appointment with an optometrist. An eye exam will be necessary to assess your vision, especially if your last visit to an eye doctor was over a year ago. If you have a recent prescription, you can visit our store to choose your pair of polarized sunglasses.

Polarized lenses with special coatings

Some polarized lenses feature special coatings to enhance their performance, depending on how you intend to use them. For example, anti-reflective, hydrophobic or oleophobic coatings can be added to reduce glare, repel water and resist fingerprints.

Last but not least, we recommend that you buy your sunglasses from an eye care professional to benefit not only from quality polarized lenses but also from a personalized fit and professional advice.