Sunglasses are must-have fashion accessory, so quality and practicality are sometimes overlooked when making a purchase. In order to be able to perform as required, your sunglasses must have “UV 400” protection. Several other criteria also come into play when choosing sunglasses. Here are three reasons to buy your next pair of sunglasses from an eye care professional.

1. Get Advice from a Vision Expert
After evaluating your needs and determining the shape of your face, the optician will accompany you in making your choice to find THE perfect pair that will suit you best! Your complexion, the colour of your hair and your overall style, will also be considered when trying on glasses. In addition, we can customize our advice to you according to your daily and leisure activities.  Do you like playing volleyball? A model with anti-slip tips may be useful to keep your glasses in place. If you spend a lot of time on a boat, we will recommend polarized lenses, which eliminate glare on the water. Do you simply want a pair of sunglasses that follows the latest trends? Several options are available for you!

Our professionals will also be able to explain the difference between the types of materials. For example, plastic lenses are much lighter than glass lenses.

2. Customizing Your Glasses Based on Your Tastes
Sunglasses can be personalized according to your prescription but also according to your preferences. It is possible to change the colour of your lenses in order to let more or less light come through or, to adapt them to certain activities. For example, pink lenses increase the contrast of greens, and are therefore they are recommended if you like playing golf. Do you want to stand out with your new glasses? Why not try mirrored lenses or lenses with a gradient tint? Several lens colours are available to perfectly match your frames.

3. Choose From a Variety of Quality Styles
IRIS stores are brimming with designer sunglasses like Michael Kors and Coach, to satisfy fashion enthusiasts. We also have brands that specialize in sunglasses, including Maui Jim. By getting your glasses from IRIS, you will be sure to have a quality product that is long-lasting and follows the latest trends. Our lenses offer good optical quality without distortion. Distortion can affect vision, but also cause headaches for some people. Did you know that cheap glasses could be harder to adjust? With a pair of quality sunglasses, the fit will be stable and comfortable. By purchasing sunglasses from an eye care professional, you will have access to an adjustment service whenever needed, for as long as you have them.

The best way to know if a pair of sunglasses fits you well is to try them on! Visit one of our IRIS stores to see our selection!