The summer season is fast approaching, and with it, sunglasses to protect yourself from the onslaught of rays and enjoy the beautiful weather. But, more than protection, your next pair will be the fashion accessory of your summer 2021. It will come to twist any outfit. So, here are the trendy sunglasses for summer 2021.

Who says new year, says new trends. This next season, retro is in the spotlight! From rectangular sunglasses to aviator sunglasses, the summer will have a look of the last century. Discover all the must-have models to let your sense of style blaze under the sun!

Trend #1: The seventies look

Sunglasses with a seventies look, perfect for summer 2021.

To make the right choice, first, make sure you know your face shape. Generally speaking, we advise you to choose models that are the opposite of your face shape. For those of you who think round glasses are the best choice, you'll be happy to know that the seventies look is back this year. To fully embrace the trend, dare to use colour! Blue and green-tinted lenses are in the spotlight, among others at Maui Jim.

Trend #2: The "oversized" look

The "oversized" look for summer 2021.

The oversized type is also under the spotlight in 2021. It also adds the characteristic of being non-gendered. Unisex, the same sunglasses model, can be worn by both men and women. At Nikon, the black plastic frame with wide rims is trendy and proves the trend.

Respecting specific proportions will help you make better choices. For example, make sure that the lower rims won't touch your cheeks when you smile and that the upper frame won't cover your eyebrows completely.

Trend #3: Geometric frames

Geometric frames on sunglasses.

Hexagonal, rectangular or even square, geometric-shaped glasses will be under the spotlight this summer. Their minimalist or generous frames will reach many of us. First, however, try on the pair that appeals to you the most because some shapes don't suit specific faces.

Fashionable in the '90s, the rectangular shape is back in force. This decade, a version that's somewhere between retro and futuristic, is sure to appeal. Rectangular frames are ideal for a polished, professional look.

Trend #4: The aviator style

Aviator style sunglasses trendy on summer 2021.

Because some styles of sunglasses appeal to us more than others, it's undeniably essential to stay true to your tastes. If you've always been a fan of the aviator model, you'll be happy again this year, as they're taking the market by storm once again. But, for a sure thing, embrace the bold lines and heartfelt accents of the 1970s with this offering from Gucci because a classic is a classic!

Trend #5: Tortoiseshell

We often advise you to make a choice that will match your hair colour. Chosen to match your skin tone as well, sunglasses can still be a classic black. But if you want to show a touch of originality this summer, dare the tortoiseshell texture. With its chic and elegant look, this is the style to adopt. You'll find a more rounded version at Maui Jim. If your face shape is better suited to the squarer models, then you can count on Hugo Boss to protect your eyes.

The important thing is to keep your eyes well protected so that they can continue to take you to many beautiful places for years to come. So check out our stylish eyewear collection now.