During your first visit at IRIS, our professionals will ask you questions about your job, lifestyle and also about your hobbies: it is part of the IRIS Profile! These elements are crucial to help you make the best possible choice for your frames and lenses. Do you recognize yourself in one or more of these descriptions? They might guide you in making your choice!  

I love watching videos, reading on my tablet and spending time on social media
Nowadays, most people spend a lot of time staring at digital screens, whether it's a tablet, a cell phone or a computer. Do you ever experience eyestrain or dry eyes at the end of the day? It is likely due to prolonged use of digital screens. They emit blue light, which can cause these symptoms. The solution? Block this light with a built-in filter inside the lenses of your prescription glasses! If your vision is perfect, non-prescription glasses with a blue light filter are also available in our stores.

I regularly sew, I make jewelry or I play a musical instrument
Did you know that your optometrist has to adjust your prescription to the distance required to perform certain activities? For example, sewing and jewelry making require near vision to see small details. If you play a musical instrument, it is the intermediate vision (about one-arm distance) that is required to read a score. Eyewear can be designed specifically for your activities, which will make them more enjoyable and will allow you to use your eyes to their fullest potential!

I am handy and I like to spend time in the workshop
We often think of putting on safety glasses at work, but it's just as important to wear them at home! A piece of wood or metal can easily scratch the eye or seriously injure it. Wearing safety glasses greatly reduces the risk of eye-related accidents. Safety glasses are also available with prescription so you can clearly see what you are doing.

I often go from indoors to outdoors
If you often go outside without sunglasses, the Transition adaptive technology may be a good option for you. The lenses will change colour when exposed to UV rays, allowing your eyes to be protected at all times. Thanks to the new Transition technologies, the lenses become tinted and then clear again, quickly, for more comfort.

I practise running or cycling
A good pair of sunglasses will help you better appreciate these activities by protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays and reducing glare from the sun. Choose a light, solid and well-fitted style for your face to avoid losing them. Non-slip nose pads and bands on the temples will help your glasses stay in place, preventing them from slipping due to sweating. Some frame shapes can also better protect you from the wind, blocking UV rays around your eyes and give you better peripheral vision.

I like going fishing or boating
For activities that take place on the water, polarized lenses are perfect. They filter the reflections on the water, allowing you to see more clearly. If you are fishing, this can be particularly useful to better see the fish! This type of sunglasses also eliminates reflections caused by snow and rain on the road, which can dazzle you and make driving more dangerous.

I am a golf lover
To improve your golf performance, get sunglasses with appropriate lenses. For example, pink lenses have the advantage of contrasting colours, which makes the ball more visible on the field. You will also be able to better see the elevation changes and to evaluate more easily the trajectory of your ball.

Having more than one pair of glasses and sunglasses will not only help you better protect your eyes, but will also help you enjoy your hobbies. The next time you visit an IRIS store, treat yourself to a pair of glasses adapted to your favourite activity!