In 1948, Jean Cassegrain unveiled his unique vision of French elegance and reinvented the codes of modern luxury under the Longchamp brand. Originally a manufacturer of leather-covered pipes, he expanded his expertise to include travel accessories, handbags, ready-to-wear, shoes and accessories.   

Directed by Philippe Cassegrain in the 1980s, Longchamp took off thanks to his innovative ideas. In these years, Longchamp released its new tote bag that can be folded and stored flat. This bag is iconic for Longchamp and one of the most sold in the world! It is also the first foldable bag of its generation. 

The Pliage - inspired by Japanese origami - has all the assets to become a transgenerational "classic": practical, resistant, ultra-light, all-terrain. The bag, which appears in every collection, is constantly reinterpreted, revisited in limited series by artists, and personalized on-demand... The Pliage even has its own all-leather version, as supple as ever.

After 35 years of existence, the famous house of Longchamp remains true to itself by selling handcrafted bags with top-quality products. The House of Longchamp is present all over the world. 

The Longchamp eyewear collection offers the same attention to detail, elegance and luxury. The glasses offer a thoughtful design in a timeless colour palette that matches a classic style. Many of the company's key details are featured, such as the embossed temples, the metal finishes on the studs and hinges, the equestrian logo and the soft, feminine shapes.