Whether you are nearsighted, farsighted, have astigmatism or are simply looking for a nice pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun, choosing the right frame can sometimes be complicated.

Most of us like to follow trends, but it's important to know a few golden rules for choosing your glasses. Among these rules: is the shape of your face. Yes, the frame must fit perfectly on your face to highlight your features and ensure comfort. Your IRIS optician can advise you on the perfect frame according to your face shape.

How to wear your glasses properly? 

First, learn how to position your glasses. To place them on your nose, simply grasp the front of the frame with your hands, pull the temples over your ears and gently lower the nose pads onto your nose. It is essential to handle the glasses with both hands so that there is not too much pressure on the temples and hinges.

When you put on your glasses, we recommend pressing the bridge with your index finger so the pads can be comfortably positioned on the top of your nose.

You should also regularly wipe your glasses with a microfiber cloth. Use a little bit of water to be able to remove the toughest stains. The temples should also be cleaned regularly with water and mild soap. This will allow you to remove dirt and grease from your skin. 

To remove the glasses, you must lift the temples and slide the glasses forward, always with both hands. Whether it's for a long time or just for a moment, you should always fold your glasses when you remove them. Then lay them on the temples and not on the lenses.

Adjusting your glasses

When you have been wearing glasses for a long time, your frame may need to be adjusted. To know what adjustments to make, you should wear the glasses so that the center of the lenses coincides with the center of your eyes. 

If your glasses are crooked, it's probably because your temples are not in place. You can check the temples by placing them on a flat surface. Typically, both temples should rest evenly. If this is not the case, you should consider having your glasses adjusted.

Also, determine the height of the glasses when you wear them. If you notice that the lenses are too high or too low, chances are the problem is in the bridge. As you can see, it is important to visit your optician to adjust the fit. 

Sometimes, the glasses may still fall off even if the parts are well-adjusted. And this is very annoying, especially for those who have to work with glasses or those who have to wear them every day. If you experience this discomfort, simply tighten the screws that secure the temples to your frames.

IRIS will check, adjust and clean your prescription glasses and sunglasses, free of charge, as often as necessary for as long as you own them.