Since 2016, IRIS has been a proud partner of the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal. Our support allows the OSM to pursue its mission of making music accessible to all, providing education for the next generation and pursuing excellence. They can continue to offer music with the tranquillity and happiness it brings people. 

With its warm woodwork and exceptional acoustics, the Montreal Symphony House has successfully established itself in the Montreal landscape. This international venue is a gathering place where young and old alike come to enjoy the pleasure of music.  

Thanks to bold and innovative youth initiatives such as concerts for young and old, the Bal des enfants, the new musical generation and La musique aux enfants, the OSM fulfills its mission of making symphonic music part of the life of as many people as possible with commitment and passion. All these initiatives are made possible thanks to the support of several partners, including IRIS.

At IRIS, we are pleased to support the OSM, a prestigious orchestra recognized worldwide. Since 1934, it has enriched the musical life of Quebec and Canada through the remarkable quality of its performances, leadership, and creativity. Through numerous initiatives outside the concert hall, the OSM has carved out a place among the most committed cultural institutions and remains deeply rooted in its community.

Like the OSM, IRIS strives for excellence by pursuing its mission to provide our customers with the highest quality of products and professional services in the world of eye care.