It's the season of celebrations and Holiday parties. We like to dress up in style for these parties with a cool new outfit. Glasses play an important role in your style and look. They're a fashion accessory that never goes unnoticed.

The festive season is the perfect time for a second or third pair of glasses to take a simple outfit to the next level. Treating yourself to a new frame for the holidays will give your outfit and style a chic, polished angle for every party. 

In addition to sparking an interesting conversation about fashion, treating yourself to a new style of trendy eyewear slightly different from what you wear daily will inspire family and friends to emulate you.

Some eyewear style tips for the Holidays

Think pink!

To step out of your style comfort zone, treat yourself to something more daring than the traditional black frame. Remember that a brightly coloured frame can completely transform even the simplest all-black outfit, making it attractive for an intimate, casual holiday party. A bright colour can then easily accessorize neutral-coloured winter materials.

Subtle sparkle!

Glitter eyewear, without adding precious stones, will always shine brightly next to luxurious evening wear in velvet, satin or silk. A versatile, contemporary piece of face jewelry that can be worn with a satin jacket for the festive season or as the perfect complement to casual office wear. 

Monochrome at its best!

Adopt an elegant style with eyewear that complements your complexion or hair colour and the tones of your wardrobe. A monochromatic palette gives you the latitude to transform a more formal look by pairing glasses with a luxurious jacket or dress, for example, into a more casual look, matching the frame with your favourite jeans and gorgeous winter boots.

Add a pair of glasses to your wardrobe as the year draws to a close. Your new frame can be transformed into a winter fashion accessory for all your outings. 

Be spectacular! Ask the IRIS professionals for advice on a new frame to enhance your style.