Alexandre Turcotte is an IRIS ambassador with many talents: TikTok celebrity, consultant, trainer, blogger and content creator!

He has been honing his expertise on the web for over ten years. His specialty is the marketing, creation and distribution of engaging, inspiring and innovative content on TikTok and various social networks.


Passionate and always looking for new trends, fashion has always been central to Alexandre's interests. Alexandre defines style as the reflection of our personality through what we wear. For him, trends are nothing if there is no individuality, no uniqueness. The style must be personalized. He believes that authenticity must be reflected in the style of each person. Present yourself by choosing frames and clothes that tell the people around you who you are and what your interests are. All of this through the colours, shapes and textures you choose.  

Alexandre is enthusiastic about many things. His career as a Tiktok content creator for the Tiktok Quebec newsletter allows him to help companies develop their content on the platform and various other web platforms. Whether it's in consulting or strategic support, he is passionate about finding the right formula to help companies achieve their goals.


Alexandre is an active man, on the lookout for trends and always ready to learn and undertake projects. Discover his favourite frames at IRIS.