The return of sunny days and hot weather is particularly appreciated this year! Even though many events and vacation plans are cancelled, summer is definitely happening! We bet that we'll be spending even more time outside than we usually do! If you play outdoor sports during this hot season, you probably know that it's important to wear sunglasses! Wearing sunglasses while playing sports reduces your risk of eye injuries, protects your eyes from the sun's UV rays and also allows you to be more focused on the game, thereby improving your performance!  Here are some tips that can help you better choose your sunnies according to the activities you practise!

Do You Play Golf or Plan to Spend Your Day on the Water?

We definitely recommend that you wear a pair of polarized sunglasses, like Maui Jim! Polarized lenses reduce the glare caused by the sun’s rays which reflect on the surfaces that surround us, like water or even the golf green, for example! These lenses reduce eye strain, improve vision clarity, and make your eyes generally more comfortable. In addition to having protected eyes, the colour of everything that surrounds you will be enhanced!

A man is playing Golf and wearing Maui Jim sunglasses

Do You Cycle or Run?
Our ambassador Camille Dg really likes her Oakley sunglasses when she runs or bikes! Oakley had given her and her teammates a pair of sports calibre sunglasses when she went on the Trek Rose Trip in Morocco, in 2018. Camille and her teammates really put their sunglasses to the test: they walked about 20 km per day in the desert (LINK! Oakley has a very wide range of sports sunglasses that are designed according to the sport that is practised. The key when choosing sports sunglasses is to get help to choose the most suitable pair according to the type of activity you practise and also to find a frame that suits your face shape. Do not hesitate to ask your IRIS optician for advice during your next visit! They are real pros and will be able to advise you!

Camille Dg is wearing her Oakley sunglasses

What If You Play a Sport That Prevents You from Wearing Sunglasses, Such as Swimming or Soccer?
Have you ever heard of Acuvue Oasys Transitions contact lenses? They are the very first contact lenses in the world to be photochromic, which means that they change colour according to the ambient light! Although they do not protect the thin skin around your eyes from the sun's ultraviolet rays, and only partially cover the eye, they are very effective in preventing their wearer from squinting, thus allowing them to be less dazzled, and therefore more focused on the game!

Acuvue Oasis Transitions contact lenses

What If Your Day Was Only Partially Spent Outside?
If you are planning a day when you are going to be switching from indoors and outdoors several times, why not opt for a Transitions treatment in the lenses of your prescription glasses? They are also very practical with children, for whom it is sometimes difficult to remember to change glasses when going outside. It should be noted, however, that when it comes to protecting your eyes from the sun's UV rays, Transitions lenses do not replace sunglasses, but they are nevertheless a practical solution when you switch from indoors to outdoors often.


No matter what activity you do, we recommend that you always wear sunglasses when you are outdoors. This is especially true in summer, as you spend more time outside, but it is also very important to do so in winter as well, when the sun's rays reflect off the snow. And, of course, this also applies to your little ones! Their eyes are even more sensitive to UV rays than those of adults, so you have to be extra careful! If you want to get a good pair of sunglasses for outdoor sports, your IRIS store is a great place to go try on a pair! Plus, eye health experts are on hand to help you. Many brands, including the following, are available in a wide range of prices and, we have a very large selection of sunglasses in stock for your little ones too!

Here is a list of some brand named sunglasses offered at IRIS: Carrera, Chloé, Coach, Hugo Boss, Jimmy Choo, Kate Spade, Lacoste.