Do you have an active lifestyle and regularly go from indoors to outdoors? If your eyes are bothered by changes to brighter environments and are easily dazzled when you go outside, photochromic lenses may be a good solution for you!


The tint of photochromic lenses adapt according to the ambient light, which makes it much more comfortable for your eyes! The latest technologies behind these lenses are incredible: it makes them completely clear inside and darker when you go outside.


How is it possible? These new lenses simply respond better to UV rays, in different situations. For example, some photochromic lens technologies can now better respond to indirect sunlight, such as when you are standing in the shade or wearing a hat. Statistics show that people who wear photochromic lenses are very satisfied with them and that they tend to choose them again when they buy new glasses.


In addition to protecting 100% of the ultraviolet rays, photochromic lenses also offer protection against blue light. Blue light is the first part of the spectrum of visible light and comes just after ultraviolet rays. It causes dazzling and visual fatigue, can disrupt the sleep-wake cycle when exposed in the evening, and studies show that it is a risk factor for certain eye diseases.


When you are inside, blue light comes from LED lighting and electronic devices. Photochromic lenses block some of the blue light inside, without compromising the quality of your vision when you see through the lenses. What about when we are outside? Our biggest source of blue light is the sun! Photochromic lenses block even more blue light on the outside, reducing the glare effect while improving comfort and protecting your eyes’ health.


People of all ages can enjoy the comfort of these lenses. You probably spend a lot of time using electronic devices and you are most likely to go outdoors a couple of times a day, no matter what your age is. Same goes for children: they spend more time outdoors than adults and electronics are definitely part of their lives!


See photochromic lenses as an everyday lens option that suits the whole family, protecting everyone inside and out! These are lenses that automatically adapt to changes in brightness wherever you go, without you even having to think about it!

Dre Jahel St-Jacques, optometrist