Did you know regular visits to your optometrist are essential for good eye health? An eye exam can detect and even prevent certain eye diseases and disorders. Throughout our lives, vision and visual functions develop and evolve. So, it's essential to have regular eye examinations.

At IRIS, our optometrists recommend a complete eye examination every year for people under 18 and 65 and over. For adults between 18 and 64, we recommend a visit every two years unless otherwise advised by your eye care professional.

For some people, a complete eye examination is a screening procedure; for others, it prevents the risk or aggravation of eye disease. If you have eye health problems or diabetes, for example, you should have your eyes examined more frequently. In all cases, it's a matter of prevention to guard against potential vision problems.

Signs not to be overlooked

In addition to regular eye examinations by your eye care professional, certain situations may also require an emergency visit to your optometrist. Beyond age, here's a list of symptoms that often require a visit to an optometry clinic:

- Decreased or absent vision in one or both eyes.

- Changes in vision and field of vision: flashes, streaks of light, wavy or watery vision, blurred faces, distortions or wavy lines, halos, double vision, shadows, hazy vision, black spots, blurred vision...

- Physical changes to the eye: pain, eyes turning inwards, outwards, upwards or downwards, signs of infection (redness, swelling), etc.

- Changes in colour perception.

- Intense eye fatigue.

Why should I respect examination frequencies?

Many people react too late, regardless of age. Glaucoma, for example, could be treated in time if more patients consulted their optometrist more regularly. This type of disease causes no apparent symptoms in its early stages. Only a thorough eye examination by an optometrist can be detected in time. Prevention is better than cure, whatever your age!

Your IRIS optometrists and a strong team of opticians offer a complete eye examination using the latest technology. We examine the back of your eyes to detect and prevent any health problems.

Your eye health starts with an appointment with an IRIS optometrist.