Silhouette Eyewear was born more than 55 years ago in Austria and quickly became an internationally renowned brand. The company creates cutting-edge frames and sunglasses with unique quality and precision. Silhouette is undoubtedly a world leader in the pierced eyewear segment. 

The story behind Silhouette 

The story begins in 1964 with Anneliese and Arnold Schmied. Together with five employees and designer Dora Demmel, they founded the company and the Silhouette brand. 

Their vision: to create the most beautiful eyewear with a brand that should stand for high quality.

Arnold was a perfectionist with a strong sense of quality, and Anneliese had above all a solid financial background. Together they formed an ideal team that revolutionized the optical world. Even today, with the third generation in the company, Silhouette remains a family business.


From the start, Silhouette was a brand that was based on its own strength and sought to achieve unprecedented lightness of materials. The challenge was to focus on individuality by creating a design that is timeless yet adaptable to trends and fashion.

Silhouette frames are worn by 12 million people and have won 11 design awards. The most iconic and revolutionary Silhouette eyewear is of course the Titan Minimal Art, which was introduced in 1999 and changed the world of optics. This pair of pierced glasses weighs only 1.8 grams, with no frames, no screws and no hinges. They are light as a feather. A whole new level of comfort that is still often envied by the competition today.