November is already here, which means that the end of the year is fast approaching! We rake up the yellowed leaves, we put away Halloween decorations and the most enthusiastic ones are already starting to think about the Holiday season! It's almost the end of the year and our IRIS team members have started to ask their patients if they have been able to take advantage of their health benefits. If the insurance plan provided by your employer offers you coverage for eye care, it would be quite wasteful not to use it, at least to make sure that your eyes are healthy or to pick a new pair of glasses to start the new year in style!

Check Your Coverage 
Depending on your plan coverage, the annual eye exam of your beneficiaries may or may not be covered. Insurance companies generally offer an annual amount for the purchase of prescription glasses. When you visit your IRIS store to choose your new glasses, do not hesitate to mention this amount to the optician who will help you make your choice. At IRIS we are able to help you choose a frame and lens options that fit your budget. It would also be interesting to check if your insurance policy covers contact lenses that can be very practical for sports, travelling and even to put away your glasses for a few hours during a special event !

Plus, We Offer Direct Billing to Your Insurer! * 
You only have to pass your eye exam, choose your glasses and then we will send the bill to your insurance company, without you having to fill out any forms! Basically, there won’t be any delay before being refunded and your money will stay in your pockets!
*Participating companies.

What if your employer does not provide you with benefits related to visual care?
You may be eligible for exclusive offers through our IRIS Advantage program. LINK If you are part of a professional association, business group or other group, visit an IRIS store to see if this organization participates in our program! You could benefit from very interesting and exclusive offers! 

If you are 65 years of age or older, your eye exam may be covered by your provincial health plan. If you have children under the age of 18, their eye exam fees may also be covered by your provincial plan.Two small children and two elder are wearing glasses and smiling

Does the IRIS No Matter What Guarantee still apply if I take advantage of my benefits to get my new glasses? 
Absolutely! IRIS will repair or replace your frame and lenses if a break occurs, no matter what the reason, at no cost within one year of purchase and at 50% off your original frame purchase price if it breaks within the second year.

Do not hesitate to call your nearest IRIS store for more information. Our professionals will help you make the most out of the benefits to which you are entitled to under your insurance plan before the year ends!