Pantone colours are used in many industries, like graphic arts, publishing, interior and fashion design. It is a colour-matching system that identifies colours, by name and number, creating a special “recipe” for each colour. This “recipe” can then be used on different levels, and no matter the medium, the colour will be consistent across the board.

Apart from the large library of colours available through their service, every season the team at the Pantone Color Institute creates the highly coveted Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report. This report highlights the important colours of the season based on the trends observed on the runways during NY Fashion Week. The colours are then used as an accessible guide to provide colour direction for many mainstream products. In the fashion industry for example, they will build seasonal collections, from blouses to pants to small accessories like socks, based on the forecasted colours provided by Pantone. The same goes for the eyewear industry. Eyewear designers consult the colour trends and incorporate these colours in their designs. This keeps the styles current and trendy!

We see the coral-pink of this season: the Pantone color

For Spring/Summer 2019 the colour palette includes very lively hues that are supported by timeless classics. The main colours include a range of oranges: from light corals to a bright turmeric hue to a Fiesta orange which is a bright mix of orange and red. A light and dark pink, a majestic royal blue appropriately named Princess Blue, greens and gold complement these orange tones. The supporting cast of neutrals consists of beige, navy and brown. Basic colours that can easily be matched with vivid ones!

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