History of New York Fashion Week

During World War II, Paris, the fashion capital, could no longer maintain its reputation as a fashion capital. In 1943, Eleanor Lambert, a renowned fashion publicist, had the idea to launch "Press Week" in New York. This project evolved into what we know today as "New York Fashion Week." The success is not immediate, but the event grows and spreads internationally with other flagship cities: Milan (1958), Paris (1973), and London (1984).

Summary of New York Fashion Week in 5 styles.

  • The Businesswoman look is a fashion must that young designers know how to handle. It's a style that works well for a typical day: subway, work, happy hour.
  • The hippie vibe. Different collections summon femininity by showcasing craftsmanship in handbags made of knitwear.
  • Did the hot summer inspire New York designers? For the beautiful days of 2023, transparency is everywhere. Fluid and transparent tops let you see fine lingerie.
  • The leather jacket continues to be a classic that New York loves to revisit.
  • The sleeve is the new detail that makes the outfit. This is where some designers concentrate all the fine details for their looks, between fringe and frills or the very chic balloon sleeves.

Trends to remember for 2023

What we retain from the fashion shows are the oversized looks, the structured drapes, the effects of transparency, the knits, the same colour from head to toe and denim from blouses to pants and jackets ... The dresses and glamorous looks also dominate! Vibrant colours set the tone within the metallic trend. Finally, we end with animal and floral prints that are popular among designers.

Whether it's for your outfit or your eyewear, the trends that emerged from New York Fashion Week will give you the inspiration you need to perfect your next look. 

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