As you pick up your first pair of neubau frames, you’ll be surprised by how light weight they are. Their frames present a very urban and minimalist style, inspired from Vienna’s neubau District, a hub for artists around the world. But wait, it gets better not only do they look stunning, but this is 2020, and all of their styles are unisex.

These new trendy frames are not only particularly comfortable, they are also sustainable. And we love a great responsible brand. Their frames are made out of polymers, using the ecofriendly material naturalPX made from organically sourced and renewable primary products, as 65% of it is based on oil extracted from the seeds of castor oil plants.

Collage of two photos: A model wearing an orange turtle neck and sleek metal neubau frames, and tree models wearing neubau frames wearing neutral colors

Even their accessories will make you feel like you’re doing a good deed every single one of them is eco-friendly. The eyeglass case is made from a cellulose base and doesn’t use any glue, because manufacturing glue is often harmful to our lovely planet. They use recycled plastic bottles to make their cleaning cloths and the packaging is made from recyclable paper. All of their marketing materials are also eco-friendly, and all of their frames, lenses and accessories are made directly in Austria in order to minimize their carbon footprint and this supports local economy.

Their motto is “SEE AND DO GOOD”. Which is, we’ll have to admit, impressively on point!

A diagram of the natural cycle of the neubau frames: oil is oil extracted from the seeds of castor oil plants and is used to create polymer for the frames.

Neubau’s designs are primarily inspired by fashion and architecture. Their most recent special edition frames display those influences very well: they were designed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus School of Design, funded in 1919 by architect Walter Gropius. « Clear lines, unadorned elegance, pragmatic excellence these are attributes that could not be closer to our own understanding of design, and also shapes our new special edition frames “Walter & Wassily”, dedicated entirely to the Bauhaus. »

For all the reasons above, we expect this fascinating brand to fly off the shelves this spring. If you are interested in a fresh new style while supporting a sustainable company, come visit an IRIS location and try on a pair!

As our motto says, let your eyes do the talking.

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