Hone your pumpkin-carving skills because Halloween is slowly creeping up on us. Getting ready for this ghoulish night is always exciting! But, apart from purchasing copious amounts of candy, displaying spooky decorations and carving out your jack-o’-lantern, the most thrilling part is choosing a costume! 

There are endless costume options, so choosing one may not be as easy as “pumpkin” pie, especially if you wear glasses. Have you thought about incorporating your glasses as part of your costume? If you wear glasses and a night of trick-or-treating without them is not ideal for safety reasons, then why not incorporate them in this year’s costume?

Here are a few options for the perfect Halloween costume for those who wear glasses:

John Lennon
Round, metallic frames are the iconic frames that John Lennon wore. The frames are so easily identifiable, that this costume idea is pretty simple! A long-haired wig, white suit and voilà, you’ve been transformed into one of the Beatles for Halloween. 

Halloween costume idea: small round glasses for John Lennon

Planning a couple’s costume? No worries! Have your significant other dress up as Yoko Ono. White dress, wide-brimmed hat and oversized sunglasses. You are now ready for your duet as one of the most recognizable couples of the 20thcentury.

Do you have round or aviator sunglasses with or without your prescription? Then, this costume is for you! The now defunct Prince of Funk was super cool! No one can forget his unique look and wild style. This costume will surely elevate your cool-factor, especially if you drive a red Corvette. Wink! 

Aviator glasses are trending right now in the world of eyewear. If you own a pair of aviator glasses or sunglasses, why not dress up as a pilot? And, with the upcoming Top Gun movie, it is the perfect time to bring out your inner Maverick to the party. 

Halloween costume idea: aviator sunglasses for a pilot


Ah, the 70s! A time when style was all about individuality! If you wear large oversized glasses, frames with geometric shapes (LINK) or aviator glasses, then this costume is aligned with your eyewear preference. Between the hippie look, the disco sequins or the androgynous glam rock styles, you have a cornucopia of options for your 70s-inspired costume. Whether you opt for bell-bottoms or fringes, your eyewear will be the accessory that will link your look together!

Halloween costume idea: funky colorful glasses for a 70's inspired look

Velma From Scooby-Doo
Now, whether you grew up watching Scooby-Doo or not, the cast of characters is undeniably distinguishable! If you wear large, dark-rimmed, rectangular glasses, Velma is a great character to dress-up as. This costume works well on its own, as a couple with Shaggy and, most effectively, as a group costume. Why not convince a few of your friends to dress up as the mystery-solving gang for the full effect? You can ride in on your Mystery Machine and handout Scooby Snacks to everyone at the party.

Halloween costume idea: square and rectangle glasses for Velma from Scooby Doo

Have fun this Halloween and stay safe!