Keep or throw away? When the question arises, the answer is often "throwaway"!

Throwing away makeup is sometimes necessary. It's hard to throw away a product you've invested money in, which is practical. However, the expiration dates are valid for cosmetics and for good reason since bacteria can get lodged there.

Why throw away cosmetic products? For two simple reasons:

- Because bacteria can get into the packaging and then onto our skin.

- Cosmetics are often a cocktail of chemicals. With time they react, and their quality deteriorates.

These two elements cause the cosmetics to lose their purpose and can potentially become harmful to your skin: pimples, redness and even infections can appear, especially in the eyes.

Creams and liquids?

There should be an expiration date for creams, shampoos, and other items. If you notice that your skin reacts before the end of this period, do not hesitate to throw it away...


Unfortunately, quite quickly. The lashes protect the eyes from bacteria that sit on these hairs. When you apply mascara, you transport them from the lashes to the mascara tube. It is therefore recommended to keep mascara for 3 months.

The eyeliner?

If it is a liquid eyeliner, keep it for approximately 6 months.


It all depends on the type of foundation. Pump bottles will not directly contact the skin but are often poured onto a brush, your finger, or a sponge first. Compact foundations are more exposed to bacteria. We recommend using them for only six months to a year.


Although in direct contact with the mouth, lipstick can last two years.

Powdered products?

Generally speaking, all powder products, i.e., eyeshadows, blushes, loose powder... should be used for 2 years.

Take care of your makeup. Clean your tools properly, especially brushes, as they are the ultimate germ nest. Most of them can be cleaned with water and alcohol without any problem. If a product hasn't been used in a while, you can swipe the surface of blush or other product with a cotton swab to remove surface powder, for example.

As tempting as keeping old makeup may seem, your health should always be your priority. See this as an opportunity to go on a makeup spree!