Every September 27 since 1980, World Tourism Day has been celebrated. The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has chosen this date to promote its objective of raising awareness of the importance of tourism from a social, cultural, economic and even political point of view.

In 2022, this International Day will be called "Rethinking Tourism" to imagine the sector's growth differently in size and importance. The Republic of Indonesia will host the official celebrations. When the issue of sustainable development is gaining credibility in the speeches of political leaders and is imposed by its urgency, the tourism sector is directly concerned. 

With the resumption of post-pandemic travel, rethinking tourism for responsible tourism aims to raise awareness of the consequences of their travel and tourism activities. It is, therefore, an opportunity for UNWTO members to have a discourse on the impacts of citizens' choices on the social, economic, cultural and environmental conditions of the regions they are about to travel to. Also, the tourism industry must consider climate change, transport pollution and biodiversity loss. 

To achieve these goals, travellers must adopt certain practices. Here are some solutions to practice more responsible tourism:

  • Favour non-polluting and alternative modes of transport;
  • Offset your CO2 emissions by participating in local development projects;
  • Opt to travel less often but for more extended periods to immerse yourself in the local culture and meet the locals;
  • Buy local products at the right price;
  • Do not demand comfort that is inappropriate for the country visited;
  • Respect the population and nature.

Responsible and sustainable tourism is becoming increasingly important everywhere on the planet. Far from being a simple trend, the tourism of tomorrow is emerging. Tourism practices that are even more respectful of the environment, ever closer to the communities and synonymous with reciprocity, both with the visitor, the citizen and the local economic activity. Everyone wins!