Have you ever heard of Transitions technology? It is a lens treatment that allows the lenses to automatically adapt to the light conditions. These lenses are clear inside and become tinted when you go outside. In other words, they have the power to turn into sunglasses! Transitions lenses are photochromic, which means they adapt to the amount of UV radiation in your environment. For example, they will become darker if the weather is sunny, and will have a lighter shade if there are a lot of clouds. Here are three good reasons to get glasses with Transitions lenses.

1. They protect your eyes at all times
Exposing oneself to the sun without wearing sunglasses can have serious consequences for eye health. UV rays increase the risk of certain eye diseases such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. Transitions lenses help protect your eyes from the sun at all times. While you are outside, they provide you with a protection against 100% of the UV rays emitted by the sun. Do you work in an environment with large windows? Transitions lenses become slightly tinted in this situation, which helps soothe light-sensitive eyes. This type of lens can also help protect your eyes against the harmful blue light emitted by screens. For optimal protection, also add an anti-glare that filters the blue light to your lenses. 

2. They prevent you from having to carry two pairs of glasses with you
Frames with Transitions lenses serve as both clear and solar glasses. Those who chose Transitions say that they appreciate the fact that they do not have to change their glasses when they move from the outside to the inside. Transitions lenses allow you to keep the same glasses all day, regardless of the light conditions in which you are. It's very handy if you go outside several times in the same day! However, note that you may need to wear sunglasses in your car. The tint of Transitions lenses is actually activated by the sun's rays. Your lenses will not become completely dark behind the windshield because it already blocks some of the UV rays.

3. They allow you to customize the color of your lenses
Transitions lenses are available in a variety of shades. The brown enhances the contrasts and is clearer on cloudy days. Gray is recommended for people with sensitive eyes. It is the hue that becomes the darkest of those offered. In contrast, green is the lightest lens color. It will suit you if you tend to find glasses sunglasses too dark, or if you spend a lot of time in the forest or in other places that aren’t very sunny.

Did you know that Transitions now have four new shades? The new Transitions Style Colors lenses are available in sapphire, amethyst, amber and emerald green shades. They will surely satisfy fashion lovers who are looking for a pair of glasses that stands out! Color lenses are trendier than ever! Have fun combining a frame and glasses of different colors for a unique look!

Transitions lenses are suitable for everyone, including children. They will protect their eyes at all times, from the class to the the schoolyard. Would you like to learn more about Transitions technology and experiment it? Visit the nearest IRIS store!