There are too many reasons to put off physical activity for another day: no time, too much work, the kids, etc.! Tomorrow is "now"! Here are a few tips to get yourself moving and in better shape quickly:

1 - Find your motivation

There are 1001 ways to "get in shape ."However, what does "getting in shape" mean to you? You need to find your reason to get in shape because it's a well-known fact that the first few days of a new exercise regimen are easy, but then everyday life gets in the way. Find your motivation to keep those healthy habits. Do you want to be more flexible and agile to play with your children? Do you want to have better endurance for that hike you want to go on or have more energy to enjoy your evenings?

2- Set up an action plan

It is important to distinguish between setting a goal and a result. A result is, for example, training for a 5 km run. A goal should be an action plan. Start by assessing your schedule to see what you are ready to forego to make room for activity, for example, logging off Facebook, turning off the TV, or organizing your lunches more effectively, to make room for 30 minutes of walking three times a week. Try fitting two 30-minute weight-training sessions into your week or getting up earlier to go running or walking.

3- Choose activities that you enjoy  

There is no point in running or cycling if you hate these activities. You will inevitably end up giving up. Suppose you want to become active and, more importantly, stay active. In that case, it is essential to practice physical activities that you enjoy so that you will want to repeat the experience as often as possible! The more you look forward to exercising, the more likely you will find the time and motivation to do it. Just keep in mind how good it feels! Don't hesitate to try different sports until you find the ones that resonate with you. 

4- Exercise with a partner or a group!

Having a workout partner is another great way to be more physically active. Working out with someone can motivate you to persevere and reach your goals. It is also an excellent opportunity to build and strengthen relationships. Ask a family member, friend, neighbour or co-worker if they would like to join you in your fitness journey. If not, keep in mind that there are many like-minded people with whom you can practice your favourite activities and forge new friendships! Who knows what beautiful surprises await you!

5- Variety is the key

Opt for variety by practicing different types of physical activities! Doing so will reduce the risk of getting bored and the risk of injury. It will allow you to keep having fun while staying motivated. It will also allow you to challenge different body parts and develop new skills. Fat biking in the winter, paddle boarding in the summer, hot yoga, traditional cross-country skiing, boxing or mixed martial arts, snowshoeing, tennis, soccer, or ultimate frisbee; there are so many new sports that come out every year, in addition to the classics that are making a comeback. The options are endless.

6- Get a smartwatch

Smartwatches are excellent motivational tools to become more active. These watches can count steps, measure sleep, calculate calories burned, measure heart rate, and more! Experts agree that ideally, an active person should take at least 10 000 steps a day. 

7- Don't stand still! Get moving with your children.

Like many parents, you probably spend a lot of time watching your kids play soccer, field hockey, etc. Why not use this time to combine your need for exercise with their interests? For example, you can walk or run a few laps around the soccer field or rink before the game or during breaks. You can also ask other parents to join you. You'll kill two birds with one stone while building new relationships.