Are you afraid of wearing contact lenses? You are not alone in your situation! Many people are reluctant to try them and it is often because they lack information about these types of lenses. Here are 9 frequently asked questions we receive about contact lenses. 

Can lenses get lost behind the eyes or merge with them?
These are two really strong myths we hear about all the time. It is physically impossible to lose a contact lens behind one's eyes because a membrane connects the eyeball with the eyelids, preventing the lenses from sliding behind the eye. Neither can they merge with the eyes since they are made of quality materials that are designed to stay on the surface of the eye. Using the recommended method, the lenses can be removed very easily.

Can contact lenses scratch the eyes?
Problems of this kind are rather rare. The vast majority of scratch problems are related to a bad adjustment of the lenses. Failure to follow the optometrist's recommendations, such as how often to change lenses, can also damage your eyes. If you experience discomfort while wearing your contact lenses, remove them as soon as possible and consult your optometrist.

Can lenses fall easily?
With a good fitting done by the optometrist, your lenses will stay in place. If a lens moves, it will usually stay in the eye until it returns to its usual place.

Why do I need a prescription to get contact lenses?
Since contact lenses are visual orthotics, only an optometrist can tell you if there is a contraindication for you to wear contact lenses. By examining you with specialized equipment, your eye care professional will make sure that you can wear contact lenses safely. The optometrist or optician will then help you determine the type of lenses that will suit you according to your lifestyle, the shape of your eyes and your prescription.

Will my contact lens prescription be different from my eyeglass prescription?
Yes, the adjustment method is different for glasses and contact lenses. In order to adjust well the contact lenses, it is necessary to know the measurements of the eye, which will determine the diameter and the curvature of the lenses. In addition, because the distance between the eye and the lenses of your glasses is different from the distance between your eye and your contact lens, the prescription may vary. It is therefore essential to have a contact lens fitting before buying them, especially if you are presbyopic or astigmatic.

Is it difficult to take care of contact lenses?
Since lens technologies have evolved significantly in the recent decades, there are now options that require very little maintenance. The easiest lenses to use are 1 day lenses. As a new pair is used every day, you just need to throw them at the end of the day. Reusable lenses must be disinfected daily, with easy-to-use solutions. A new pair should be used every two weeks or every month, depending on the type of lenses. The maintenance of your lenses will integrate quickly into your routine!

At what age can my child wear contact lenses?
There is no ideal age to start wearing contact lenses. Many children begin to wear them as teenagers, and even as pre-teens. As a parent, you are in the best position to determine if your child is mature enough and responsible to take good care of his lenses. Whether for aesthetic reasons or for sport, there are many reasons your child may want to wear contact lenses. Your optometrist and optician will be able to help you choose the type of contact lens that suits them best.

Can I still wear glasses if I get lenses?
We recommend that you give your eyes a little contact lenses break by wearing your glasses alternately with your lenses. For example, many people remove their lenses when returning from work or school, or rest their eyes during the weekend by wearing their glasses. It is also possible to buy contact lenses for occasional use, such as for sport or special events. Moreover, contact lenses are ideal for sports because they provide better peripheral vision, do not fog up and avoid the damaging your glasses while doing sports. 

To find out more about contact lenses, make an appointment for a contact lenses fitting  with your optometrist at an IRIS store near you!