If you look straight into the eyes of someone wearing contact lenses, you’ll probably notice a darker edge around their irises. It’s actually the first (and often only!) clue that they are wearing contacts. And while they’re barely visible and really do not bother anyone, visible edges usually mean thicker edges. This can cause the wearer to feel as though there is a foreign object in their eye, which is exactly the kind of feeling contact lens wearers want to avoid!

Since manufacturers know that people will often choose contact lenses for the freedom they provide over glasses, Acuvue, the contact lens brand, has developed and registered the “invisible edge technology”: smooth tapered edges that allow your contacts to become one with your eyes.

This technology is available for all of their contact lenses, so if you are experiencing discomfort with your current brand, you might want to give Acuvue contact lenses a try!

Watch this video to learn more about this technology: