To provide an easy way for consumers to support sustainability further and create a conscious impact on the environment, CooperVision has partnered with Plastic Bank® and made its Clariti® 1 Day contact lenses the first neutral plastic contact lenses. 

Plastic Bank® creates ethical recycling ecosystems in coastal communities that reprocess materials and reintroduce them into the global supply chain. Collectors receive a premium for the materials they collect to help them meet basic family needs such as groceries, cooking fuel, school fees and health insurance.

For every box of Clariti® 1 day lenses distributed in Canada, CooperVision® funds the collection and reuse of general plastic waste equal to the weight of plastic contained in those Clariti® 1 day lenses and their packaging.

Dedication to the good of the planet has become a central part of CooperVision®'s operation. Plastic plays a critical role in the hygienic delivery, and sterile protection of contact lenses, and how this plastic is managed is of great importance to CooperVision®.

The Clariti ® 1 day contact lens offers high performance and everyday value. It now offers the opportunity for a better future for our planet and the people who live on it. By simply fitting and wearing Clariti ® 1 day, it's easy to make a difference together.

To order Clariti ® 1 day contact lenses, make an appointment with your IRIS optometrist.