For the creators of AllPoets eyewear, the preservation of our ecosystem and social justice are at the forefront of the brand. This brand is positioned as a beacon of hope and desire to participate in changing the world for the better for future generations.

To be a poet is to have a rebellious spirit. To question things. ALLPOETS is a bet on the future. Fashion is not sustainable; a change is needed and ALLPOETS is on a mission to be a beacon of change in the fashion industry. All ALLPOETS glasses are made of organic and recycled acetate. Aware that every gesture, big or small, counts to save our planet, they continue to seek sustainable alternatives for the production, distribution and marketing of all their products. 


Organic and Recycled Sunglasses

In addition to their organic and recycled acetate, ALLPOETS aims to manufacture all their sunglasses from recycled and organic materials by 2023. 

Recycled Metal

They are currently focusing their efforts on obtaining the Official Recycled Metal Certificate for this year.

Plastic-free packaging

Their packaging is made of vegan materials and all glasses are protected by an organic bag made from 100% biodegradable cornstarch. Their goal, to produce 100% sustainable packaging by 2024. 


100% sustainable material

All of ALLPOETS' communication materials used in their points of sale are mainly made of cardboard and wood.

Sustainable initiatives

ALLPOETS is committed to continuing their efforts to generate a positive impact on the environment through initiatives that help improve the ecosystem.

Wearing an ALLPOETS frame is a way to help save our planet. We are all poets.... We all want to improve our ecosystem. It is possible, one frame at a time. 

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