Picking glasses can be a challenge when you have a small face! Most collections are designed for people with medium-sized faces, so if you have a little face, it can definitely be difficult to find a frame that suits you. Fortunately, some designers create whole collections specifically for people with small faces and small pupillary distances. KLiiK denmark is specialized in small delicate frames! As the name suggests, this company draws its inspiration from Danish design. Scandinavian design is indeed a reference in many fields, including decoration, architecture, fashion, and even glasses! Just think of the hygge lifestyle, which we’ve been hearing a lot about these past few years. This lifestyle from Denmark promotes well-being and authenticity. These values are representative of Kliik frames, which are designed with easy-to-wear lines, a touch of bright colours and lots of patterns.

KLiiK Denmark K623 glasses

Frames: KLiiK K623

Scandinavian Glasses
Kliik frames are created according to the three pillars of Scandinavian design. They use rich and saturated colours for their designs, which is one of the main reasons why their frames stand out from the styles we are used to. Some of the frames are laser perforated to add texture, creating a unique style. KLiiK frames are also clean and refined: they have modern lines, inspired by contemporary design. Their classic lines have the advantage of being timeless, and are therefore their eyeglasses are a great choice if you want to keep them for a long time. The last pillar of Scandinavian design that characterizes KLiiK frames is their functional aspect. Some models combine several different materials, such as acetate and metal. If you prefer the look of plastic frames but find that they feel heavy on your nose, this type of frame is for you! By combining plastic and metal, you can choose a frame that is as stylish as it is comfortable!

KLiiK Denmark K603 glasses

Frames: KLiiK K603

Finally, the KLiiK glasses are designed for men and women with a small face and a great taste for style. They are also perfect for preteens and teens. The KLiiK collection stands out for its classic styles, with an exploded touch to express the brand’s personality. Both discreet and stylish, their frames are inspired by Danish design trends. Whether it’s by their precise laser cut, the mix of materials used or their colours and patterns, every detail makes their frames unique. To discover their latest collection, visit your nearest IRIS store. Our professionals will help you find the model that best showcases your face!

KLiiK Denmark K613 glasses

Frames: KLiiK K613