OGI was created in 1997 and is part of the first wave of independent eyewear designers.

With roots in the Minnesota prairies, they are community-oriented and entrepreneurial.

OGI works closely with many opticians to know what their customers are looking for: stylish, creative frames that combine fashion with practicality. Eyewear that is eye-catching and durable.

OGI is, first and foremost, a design house. They are innovative, with a proven track record of establishing unique styles and working with leading manufacturers and suppliers to create new trendsetting eyewear designs.

OGI's collections are distinct and tell a consistent story without being repetitive. OGI offers durable, handcrafted frames designed to appeal to a wide range of personalities and lifestyles. Their goal is for most people to find the perfect frame.

OGI is an experienced leader. A fashion house. A bold trendsetter. With OGI Eyewear, style knows no bounds. 

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