After a year of hard work, homework with the kids and lots of screen time, our eyes need a vacation! Because even healthy eyes can suffer if overworked, consider resting them with these three simple methods.

Blink regularly: Absorbed by the screen, the eyes no longer blink. Remembering to do so, even exaggeratedly, helps conserve tears and avoid dry eyes.

Take visual breaks: Since your eyes are focused on a nearby object, remember to look away every 20 minutes: through the window, in the hallway... Don't forget to take a break during the day and, if possible, to take a breath of fresh air once or twice a day.

Palming: This is a very effective eye yoga technique. Simply rub your hands together quickly to create warmth. Then, close your eyes and, with your fingers together, place your palms on your eyes, so you no longer have access to light. Be careful. Your hands must cover the eyelids and not press on the eyeballs. Stay in the dark for about 30 minutes. Then, remove your hands and open your eyelids only after a few seconds to avoid being dazzled. 

With these three exercises practiced regularly, your eyes will be rested and healthy longer.