The point of having glasses is to see properly so, having clean lenses is essential! You can then really appreciate them! In order to see clearly through your lenses it is important to clean them daily and to treat them with love and care. Here are the five steps to clean your glasses:

1.The first and somewhat obvious tip is to wash your hands before manipulating your glasses. Any dirt, debris, lotion or grease on your hands can be transferred to your lenses. 

2.Rinse your glasses under a gentle stream of water at room temperature. This will remove any dust or debris, which risk scratching your lenses during the cleaning process. Do not use hot water! This may damage the coating of the lenses.

3.Apply and gently rub a small drop of lotion-free non-abrasive dish soap on each lens. Make sure that you get in all the nooks and crannies around the nose pads and the part that rests behind your ears to remove all debris and excess skin oil. 

4.Rinse the lenses and glasses thoroughly! Any soap residue may smear the lenses during the drying process. Shake-off any excess water.

5.Dry the glasses and lenses with a lint-free cotton towel or a microfibre cloth. Do not use any other type of fabric as you may risk scratching the lenses.

We understand that in a pinch, you may not have access to dish-soap or running water, but do not wipe your glasses when they are dry. Any dirt or debris on the surface or in the cloth may scratch the lenses. We suggest carrying an eyeglass cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth for a quick fix. 

Glasses are made from durable materials and made to last, but you must still handle them with care! Here are some important dos and don’ts for everyone who wears glasses:
·When you are not wearing them, always store your glasses in their case. A hard case is the best type of case.
-Never place the lenses facing down. You must place the frame upside down on a safe surface with the temples open.
-Never wear your glasses on top of your head this may distort the shape and misalign the frame plus, you risk them falling and getting damaged.
-Always remove your glasses with both hands. This will keep the earpieces straight and in the right alignment. Removing them with one hand for a dramatic effect will loosen the fit.
-Do not wipe your glasses with a tissue, napkin, paper towel or your clothing. The surface may feel soft to the touch but it can still be too abrasive for the lenses.
-Many lenses are coated therefore you should not use a window cleaner, vinegar, bleach or any other liquid that is not specifically made for eyeglasses, these may potentially remove the coating of the lenses.
-Some people will spit or exhale on their lenses to clean them. While this may seem like a convenient option, it is not recommended. Exhaling on the lenses will not sufficiently wet them and while spitting will get them wet, your saliva may contain food particles or oils that can damage the lenses.  

At some point even with all of the proper care, your glasses will need an adjustment. Visit your local IRIS store to have any misalignment corrected and loose screws tightened. During your visit, if you have not been able to properly clean your glasses or nose pads for a while, then the optician can definitely assist you. It is important to note that it is preferable to see a professional for any repairs instead of at-home DIY fixes.

Sometimes, mishaps happen. Did you know that at IRIS, we will repair or replace your frame if it breaks within the first year of purchase? That’s right! Thanks to our No Matter What Guarantee!

Since they provide you with the ability to clearly see the beauty that surrounds you, why not show your glasses a little love and care? They deserve it!