Here are some of the benefits of wearing single-use contact lenses!

ACUVUE® 1-day lenses have several advantages in terms of day-to-day wear. Dailies are ideal for active people such as athletes and travellers who want to enjoy the freedom of movement.  In addition, caring for them is easy as there is no need to store or clean them.   Also, you get the benefit of wearing a fresh set of lenses every single day, which reduces the risk of eye infections and offers renewed comfort daily.


UV protection

Like your skin, your eyes can be affected by ultraviolet radiation. ACUVUE® scientists were challenged to help protect every contacts wearer. That's why all ACUVUE® contact lenses have an optimal UV filter to ensure eye health. This is especially helpful for contact lens wearers who participate in outdoor sports.


Soothing sensitive eyes

Are your eyes sensitive and prone to irritation and allergic reactions? ACUVUE® has developed contact lenses that lock in moisture and eliminate the symptoms of irritation so you can be comfortable even if you have sensitive eyes.


Unfavourable environments

Do you spend many hours in front of a computer, or are you exposed to dry or dusty environments? All of these situations put a lot of strain on your eyes. Fortunately, ACUVUE® contact lenses provide all-day comfort.

If you experience eye strain while staring at digital devices or working in harsh environments, these daily disposable lenses will help you get through your busy day. It is available by prescription for the correction of myopia and hyperopia.