It can happen to all of us. If your contact lens falls on a table, the sink corner, on the floor or outside, you should not put it back in your eye, even after carefully washing your hands!  It may be contaminated. 

Always rinse the lens!

Contact lenses that fall out of your eye or hand must be rinsed with the solution before putting it back in your eye. Rinsing with tap water is out of the question, as tap water can contain potentially dangerous micro-organisms for the eye.

However, if it is a one-day contact lens (single use), it should be replaced and not put back in the eye even after rinsing, as it is not designed for this purpose and may tear. As a precaution, we suggest that you carry a spare pair of contact lenses or, in the case of monthly contact lenses, solution and a case.

Even after careful rinsing, a dropped contact lens cannot be put back in the eye if you notice a micro-scratch, mini-tear or other abnormality. If in doubt, throw them away.