At IRIS, we believe in thinking ahead and considering that our environment constantly evolves. We're always looking for new ways to bring the IRIS experience to Canadians by improving the tools and processes for our eyecare professionals to benefit our customers.

Here are a few innovative projects and tools we've implemented at IRIS.


We have developed an approach using our own tablet application to deliver on our promise of high-quality care and services to our customers. This app enables us to target our patient's needs and offer them the best vision care solutions.

In addition to incomparable patient care, our iProfil application, developed by IRIS, showcases the expertise of our optometrists, opticians and team members. Through patient education and vision care options, iProfil helps our patients enjoy the experience of better vision.   

Electronic Medical Record

We are modernizing how we access and store our patients' medical records by developing and implementing an advanced, simple, intuitive solution. Our proprietary Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system helps optometrists take the next step in providing efficient, personalized care. 

As a result, adopting an EMR system allows our vision professionals to stay connected to their patients' data by enabling the visualization and interpretation of diagnostic tests such as visual fields, fundus photography and many other tests. This connection makes it easier for optometrists to provide care and inform patients about their treatment plans. Our EMR enables communication with provincial medical insurance plans and simplifies the process of submitting claims and receiving payment for applicable services. 

Our goal is to make our EMR an integral part of our patient care, allowing our eye care professionals to devote more time to the health and well-being of their patients. 

Remote optometry

Thanks to high-resolution videoconferencing software and new optometric equipment, we have launched remote optometry or tele-optometry in some of our stores. 

Remote optometry enables an eye examination to be carried out without the optometrist and patient being in the same place. With remote optometry, the patient receives high-quality care in a shorter time frame, and we can reach new patients in areas where services are insufficient or non-existent.

Team members benefit from enhanced professional development opportunities and higher duties as eye health technicians. 

Optometrists are supported by technology as part of a team approach to healthcare. This sometimes enables optometrists to care for more patients in a day. 

At IRIS, innovation is at the service of our customers to offer high-quality care and services, a unique experience and personalized service.