The Zeal Optics motto is "Use Less, Give Back, Explore More."


At Zeal Optics, they produce high-quality eyewear for people who, like themselves, love the outdoors. They may be at the beginning of their adventure, but they are not just another eyewear manufacturer. They are guided by a simple yet profound set of beliefs: "Use less, give back, explore more."


Zeal Optics is a small team based in Boulder, Colorado. When the team isn't working late to improve its products, they're up at the crack of dawn to get outdoors and test what they're producing.


Introducing the Zeal Optics "Metals" collection, a new interpretation of classic aviator styling. The metals used by Zeal are a union of strength, style and durability with unique design elements that stand out from the crowd while minimizing the impact on the environment. These styles are forged from recyclable stainless steel, paired with "Ellume Polarized" plant-based lenses, recyclable hexetate on the temple tips and ceramic nose pads—for Zeal, it's the details that make the difference.


Stainless steel frames


The frames are made of recyclable, responsibly-sourced stainless steel and are very strong, although they look delicate and elegant. This durable, corrosion-resistant material has high tensile strength, allowing the slim frames, which are the lightest in Zeal's collection, to stand the test of time and fashion.


Ceramic nose pads


Made from a mixture of clay and other natural materials, the nose pads in Zeals Metals Collection are ceramic. They're hypoallergenic, easy to clean, incredibly durable and offer a remarkable grip to keep your glasses from slipping, no matter the weather or activity.


Hexetate temples


Hexetate is an environmentally friendly and recyclable material that is BPA-free and lighter than traditional plastics and acetates. It requires minimal processing, further reducing its environmental footprint and retaining its shape in any climate.


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