Perhaps you've noticed something new in your neighbourhood? IRIS stores are getting a makeover. With the new store design, we want to create a unique experience. The images of our renovated stores are infused with local culture and designed to pay tribute to the neighbourhoods where they are located.

The new IRIS stores have been designed to provide a soothing and efficient experience, all in an atmosphere of comfort. 

The new design concepts are divided into five themes: Historical, Modern, Commercial, Rustic and Urban.

The historical concept aims to adapt the store to a historical or emblematic place in its neighbourhood.


The modern concept is synonymous with innovation. The modern theme lends to locations or neighbourhoods where contemporary architecture is strongly represented.


The commercial concept is designed to offer greater versatility. Unlike the other themes, this one sets the tone with a warm, friendly and decidedly contemporary design.

Rustic Concept. Despite its name, the rustic theme remains modern and sophisticated. The rustic concept is for IRIS stores near nature or in a more rural environment, far from the big centers. An IRIS store with the rustic concept is meant to be warm and authentic to the region it inhabits.


The urban concept is designed to adapt to an urban neighbourhood's architectural styles, colours and cultural flavours. For example, we are talking about places represented by a particular culture—a French, Italian, Asian, Spanish or Irish-inspired neighbourhood.


We believe there is no better place to live a unique experience than our stores. Our new IRIS stores offer a reinvented customer journey. Every touch point with our customers has been designed to create a wow effect when they least expect it.