The school year is already well under way! Even with a busy schedule, it's important to take good care of your eyes since the vast majority of what we learn is done through our vision. Here are some tips to help maintain good eye health throughout the school year.

Give Your Eyes a Little Rest

While you are studying, you mainly use your near vision. This is particularly true when you are reading or spending time in front of your computer. It is therefore important to allow your eyes some time to rest from time to time. Try to look away from your book or screen regularly while studying. You could also take some time to go for a walk outside to help relax your eyes, plus, it is also beneficial for the brain! We also recommend that you take action to protect your eyes against the blue light that is emitted from digital screens. Blue light can come from many sources, including computers, tablets and smartphones and, it can cause headaches and eyestrain after prolonged use. Adjusting the intensity of the light, or choosing lenses for your glasses that filter blue light can help reduce its harmful effects.

Light Up Your Work Area

Good lighting while reading helps prevent eyestrain. In addition to being beneficial for the eyes, a bright environment has been proven to help with creativity and productivity, thus making long evenings of studying a little more enjoyable! Most of the time, ceiling lighting in a bedroom is insufficient. The best solution is to get a desk lamp to provide an additional light source to fit your needs.

Avoid Sharing Your Makeup

This rule is very simple, but often forgotten. Anything that is in direct contact with your eyes cannot be shared with others to prevent the transmission of bacteria. Conjunctivitis, for example, is highly contagious and can be transmitted via mascara, eyeliner or another person's contact lenses. It is also recommended to throw away your makeup after the expiry date. For example, a tube of mascara can be kept for three months after first opening it.

Take Great Care of Your Contact Lenses

After returning home from a long day at school, it can be tempting to go to bed without removing your contact lenses. However, we strongly advise that you do not keep your lenses on while you sleep. Following the hygiene rules for your contact lenses recommended by your optometrist and optician is important for maintaining good eye health. Thus, it is necessary to disinfect the reusable lenses or use a new pair of disposable lenses every day. The lenses should be removed before showering and bathing because they should not come in contact with water. Finally, to better oxygenate your eyes, it is advisable to give them a break from contact lenses from time to time by wearing glasses when returning from school, for example!

Protect Your Eyes While Playing Sports

Receiving a ball in the face can damage glasses and cause injuries, which is why we recommend wearing sport-specific glasses for activities such as soccer. In addition to being lightweight and shock resistant, sports glasses can be personalized to your specific needs.

Sleep Well

A good night's sleep can help you memorize all the answers for your exam and it can also prevent some eye problems. Indeed, fatigue can increase the risk of dry eyes, and even cause spasms (eye twitching). Although these two conditions are not considered dangerous, they can be distracting and reduce classroom concentration.

Take an Eye Exam at the Recommended Frequency

Optometrists recommend having an eye exam every year, more frequent visits may be required in some cases. Having an eye exam will confirm that you have the right prescription in your glasses so that you can properly see the board. The Optometrist will also check the health of your eyes, binocularity (eye coordination) and accommodation (the ability of the eyes to focus). In the case of poor accommodation, your optometrist might recommend you wear special lenses to reduce eyestrain.

Plan an appointment with an Optometrist at an IRIS store near you to make sure that your eyes get a passing grade!