Enhancing your eyes and gaze can be very simple with the right makeup tips.

How do you enhance your eyes?

Here are a few tips on creating a deep, inviting look, no matter what colour or shape your eyes are.

Highlighting smaller eyes:

Apply a light, luminous blush on the eyelid and a white pencil on the inside of the eye. Lightly shade your eyelid with a brown eye shadow, extending the colour outwards as much as possible.

Lifting the eyelids:

Apply a light shadow on the eyelid and draw a few eyeliner strokes towards the outside of the eye. Finally, blend outwards with the pad of your finger.

Making sunken eyes pop:

Start by applying a foundation that is a shade lighter than the one used on the rest of your face to the entire upper eyelid. Apply a very light shade and blend a white shade in the outer corner of the eye.

Brightening your gaze and making your brown eyes pop:

Apply a fairly light gold shadow all over the upper eyelid and blend the colour with a flat brush. You can also shade your eyelids with muted colours. Choose grey-brown, taupe, khaki, bronze, and know that a matte eye shadow makes the eye look brighter. 

Enhance your eyes according to their shape

In addition to playing with eyeshadow colours, a pencil or eyeliner can be a precious ally in enlarging your eyes and adding depth to your gaze.

Do you have sunken eyes?

Start drawing a line along the upper lid's lash line, not at the inner corner of the eye, which would have the opposite effect of opening your eyes. Finish with a slightly thicker line to stretch the eye upwards.

Do you have round eyes?

To give them a longer shape, start the eyeliner line at the inner corner and gradually thicken it to the outer corner. Shade the centre of the eyelid with a grey or brown eye shadow. Apply several coats of mascara to the outer corner.

Are your eyes on the smaller side?

Apply a thin line of eyeliner to both corners of the eye and a wider line in the middle. The eyeshadow will start at the inner corner and widen towards the outer corner.

And to continue with the flirty look, use an eyelash curler to open your eye even more, then finish with mascara and shine like the star you are!