Arnaud Massenet graduated from the Université de Montréal School of Optometry in the spring of 2023 and has chosen to practice his profession at IRIS. Let's get to know him better.

Following your studies and internships, what is your vision of the optometry profession?

Optometry is an exciting and varied profession, which will evolve over the coming years with the arrival of Artificial Intelligence. AI will bring us some exciting developments that will enable us to improve patient care by detecting eye diseases at an early stage.

Why did you choose IRIS?

For the health focus, the strength of the group and the qualitative image of IRIS. Some banners are almost aggressive in their approach. During our training at the Université de Montréal School of Optometry, we always had close contact with the IRIS team, and this enabled us to get to know the recruiters and begin to build a relationship of trust, unlike representatives of other banners whom we only see once a year. 

What's the best advice you've ever been given?

One day at a time!

Did you always want to be an optometrist?

My career path began in France. Before becoming an optometrist, you must go through optician training. That's when I realized that I was passionate about optometry. From that moment on, I did everything I could to be able to practice optometry as it is done in Quebec. It's been a long and winding road, but after 11 years of study, I'm finally where I wanted to be all along! My dream of becoming an optometrist came true. 

Apart from optometry, what is your passion?

I love spending time with my children. I'll have more time with them now that my studies are over! I enjoy many sports, such as trail running, tennis, skiing and soccer. 

What's your fondest memory of your doctorate in optometry?

When I learned that I'd been accepted into the refresher program and would be realizing my dream of becoming an optometrist.