Like many aspects of our life, aging impacts vision and we need to consider how to best manage this change in order to continue to enjoy our activities fully.  

Even those who enjoyed “perfect” 20/20 will find their eyes no longer accommodate every aspect of the day. Ultimately, that comes as an inability to see up close, an annoying situation known as presbyopia

If you are part of the 50% of the population who have always required a prescription to see well, you now have another element to work around.

There was a time when seeing well after the age of 45 or 50 was a matter of choosing what was most important and what you could tolerate the rest of the time, or carrying around various eyeglasses so you could be prepared for all situations. Do you remember your grandparents sharing a pair of dime-store readers? They were bifocals, with that awful line and a wee magnifier underneath it. Free form multi-focal lenses arrived on the scene in the 80s combining several powers to allow for near, intermediate and far vision in one lens. 

The good news is that technology development in vision correction is well aware of the size and diversity of the Zoomer population and has answered the call with better lenses and options that will have you seeing well for all of your lifestyle needs.  Enter the new age of multi-focal lenses!  

Multi-focal lenses, offered for both eyewear and contact lenses, allow for more than one point of focus.  Yes!  Multi-focal contact lenses are an option. The various circles or zones used to build the lenses are made with the different lens powers your eyes need, and thanks to their concentric design, create a gradual transition for your vision. Multiple prescriptions in one lens so you can see near and far without eyeglasses!

If you have worn contact lenses in the past you know the convenience they provide, especially for activities where glasses can get in the way. Gave up the convenience of contacts when you started to experience presbyopia? Now is the time to reconsider. Even if you have never worn contact lenses, this is an option worth your attention.  Advanced technology not only gives you better vision, the new materials make contacts more breathable and comfortable than ever before. There are so many options of contact lenses types nowadays! Although they may require some patience while getting used to, the flexibility and the benefits they provide are well worth it! Once your eyes adjust to working with the different powers, you will be able to see sharply at varying distances. They also provide good depth perception and better peripheral vision. 

To get more information about multi-focal contact lenses and to see whether they are right for you, book your eye exam today!  Through a comprehensive eye exam, the Optometrist will determine the right prescription specifically for you based on your visual needs and lifestyle.  Your optometrist can discuss all of your options and will be able to guide you through the process from start to finish.