Ophthalmic Lens Surface Coatings - What Are Your Options?


Our goal when wearing glasses is to have a crisp and clear vision, without the nuisances caused by scratches or glare. Various lens surface treatments are available to help maintain good eye health and to avoid the inconveniences caused by obstructed vision.

However, it should be noted that wearing glasses does not protect the eyes from the blue light emitted from electronic devices. To counter any issues and maintain good visual health, it is possible to treat the surface of your lenses against scratches, reflections and blue light.

Anti-scratch treatment: This treatment consists of applying a protective layer to the lenses to make them more resistant to the scratches caused by numerous manipulations of the glasses. Scratches on lenses reduce visual comfort, so it is preferable to avoid them.

Anti-reflective coating: This coating reduces light reflections on both the outer and inner surfaces of the lenses. The lenses appear clear and transparent, and they improve visual comfort in all types of lighting conditions.

Blue Light Coating: This coating filters out blue light, which is emitted by, among other things, computer monitors, tablets, smartphones, fluorescent light bulbs and LED bulbs. Blue light is disruptive to sleep. Blue light emitted by LED screens and lights inhibits the production of melatonin, a hormone involved in synchronizing the sleep/wake cycle and regulating our biological rhythms.