Nine out of 10 people are sensitive to light. If your eyes require brightness daily, a portion of it might be harmful to them. Your eyes will strain to adapt to the change in lighting. 

On the same day, you can go from a dim interior to having lunch outside on a sunny day and then back to the office with bright LED lighting to a dazzling sunset on the drive back home.

Looking for enhanced glare protection for everyday wear, even while driving?

Discover XTRActive® photochromic New Generation lenses, which offer a darker tint outdoors than Transitions Signature lenses. These variable-tint lenses have been specially designed for outdoor activities and for driving. They are also recommended for individuals who are particularly sensitive to light.

What are the benefits of Transitions XTRActive lenses?

They protect your eyes from both UV rays and blue light.

They are practical and without limitations, as one pair will suffice for all indoor and outdoor activities.

These lenses darken even when you are behind the windshield of your car, protecting you from glare and ensuring greater eye comfort when you drive.

Smarter, darker lenses. Transitions XTRActive lenses adapt to changing light conditions.  The return to clear is now 35% faster than the previous generation of lenses.