Whether you're on vacation at the beach, in the mountains or your backyard, kids love to play outside. Most parents think of sunscreen and hats for their children, but many people don't realize that sunglasses are just as important. Children's eyes are susceptible. That's why sunglasses are essential for children when they're outdoors.

There's no reason to keep kids inside when the sun is shining. They want to be outdoors, playing and having fun. As parents, we apply sunscreen to our children and cover their heads with a hat to protect them from the sun. However, sunglasses should be worn as soon as hats and sunscreen are needed.

Children's eyes are particularly at risk from the sun's rays. They let in more light than an adult's eyes. This means that UV rays can cause more damage since children have no defence against the sun's UV rays. The risk of permanent damage increases severely with exposure to the sun's rays for long periods. Sunglasses are, therefore, much more than a fashion accessory for children. Protect the apple of your eye from the sun!

The sun is not the only thing that can be harmful! An accident can happen.

More than a third of eye injuries occur in children under 17. Although accidents can happen in other places and at other times, children are most likely injured at home during the summer vacations. Games with swords and sticks can be the cause, but sports with balls are often involved. Chemicals are also a common hazard for children.

Nearly three out of four injuries occur to boys. Children between the ages of 5 and 9 are the most frequently injured. Parental vigilance and supervision are required at all times to prevent accidents. In the event of an accident, your optometrist can help you. It is usually quick and easy to consult an optometrist for emergency eye care, such as eye redness, a scratch, a foreign body on the eye's surface, eye infection and inflammation.

At IRIS, our optometrists have the training and specialized equipment to detect and treat a wide range of eye problems. 

Have a great summer vacation! Be safe and visit IRIS to protect the eyes of the whole family with good sun protection.