Many parents wonder about their child's myopia. Is it possible to reduce it? Unfortunately, myopia in children is not reversible. However, it is possible to slow down its progression with the help of new technology with contact lenses.

Why control myopia in children?

A nearsighted child has difficulty seeing at a distance. This vision disorder is becoming more and more common around the world. According to a recent study, if the trend continues, 50% of the world's population will be nearsighted by 2050! Actions can be taken to change this sad outcome.

By decreasing myopia progression in a child, the child will still need glasses to see well. However, their prescription will increase less rapidly over the years. For example, without treatment, a child's myopia could increase by 1 diopter per year (the unit of measurement for myopia). With treatment, their vision would change by only 0.50 diopters over the same period. Over the years, this can make a significant difference in the quality of vision. A child with myopia that progresses very quickly could have difficulty moving around without glasses as an adult.

Slowing the progression of myopia in children also reduces the risks associated with 3 types of eye diseases:

A person with high myopia is more likely to suffer from one of these diseases than someone with lower myopia.

How to slow the progression of myopia in children?

A new technology created by CooperVision has been developed specifically to decrease the progression of myopia. MiSight® one-day lenses have been shown to decrease the elongation of the eye, which is a factor in the progression of myopia.

A child who wears them for a few years will see a reduction in the growth of their myopia of 59%, on average. These are one-day soft lenses, which means that they must be worn during the day and that a new pair must be used every day.

This type of lens has the advantage of being easier to use for children. They do not have to clean them at the end of the day. Children are usually very good contact lens wearers. Some even learn how to put them in and take them out faster than adults!

Are these contact lenses suitable for children to correct myopia?

MiSight® one-day lenses can be worn as young as 8 years old if your child is ready to use contact lenses. These lenses are designed for children whose myopia progresses rapidly, by 0.50 diopters or more per year.

The first step in preventing myopia in children from developing too quickly is to follow your optometrist's advice. For example, encourage your child to spend time outdoors every day. Also, don't hesitate to cut down on computer and tablet use. It's also essential to have good posture and proper lighting when doing near vision activities, such as reading.

Do you think lenses that reduce myopia progression might be right for your child? Make an appointment with your optometrist at one of our IRIS stores.