Prior to being part of IRIS in 2000, this store was called London Optical. Up until December 2016, they were located in the Orchard Park Mall and once they moved into their new location in the Gateway Plaza, they started being even more successful than anyone would have thought.

The team which includes Dr. Paul Clark, Optometrist, and Opticians Sarah Fazan, Jenn Jiranek and Ken Lantz, who is also the store manager, is an amazing group of professionals who are dedicated to their patients. In April 2019, the team was pleased to welcome a new team member, S.J. Fuoco. 

The team at IRIS Kelowna is sitting at the front desk

The fact that the nucleus of this store’s staff has been working together for so long, really makes this team absolutely unique. In fact, Sarah and Jenn have been working at the store since 2007, Dr. Clark joined the clinic back in 2001 and Ken has been there since the very beginning in 1994, back when it was London Optical! ‘’We all know what needs to be done, how it needs to be done. We have long-time customers who come to see all of us for different reasons. We all have our own following. A lot of the customers are like family. The level of commitment is high, we have lots of fun and get along well.’’ Lantz explains.

Across our network this team is known to really embrace the IRIS Advantage Program. IRIS works with organizations across the country to provide a unique set of offers designed to enhance extended benefits for employees, members of associations and their families. If you visit IRIS Kelowna to pick your new glasses, be assured that they will verify whether you are part of an organization that has partnered with us in order to give you the best possible rebate on your purchase!  IRIS Kelowna's large frame selection

IRIS Kelowna is also one of the rare stores across our network that advertises on local radio stations, all year long! If you live in the area, you have probably heard Dr. Clark’s voice a few times already! He strongly believes that it is important for him to get involved in writing the scripts and to use his own voice for the ads in order to add a more personal touch. Dr. Clark has season tickets to the WHL Junior Hockey team, Kelowna Rockets. He loves his local hockey team, but whenever he cannot attend a game, he is happy to give the tickets to the staff or, he will sometimes have a draw among his patients. He also organizes educational events for other optometrists across the region and is really involved in his local community and across our great IRIS family.

Drop by their recently renovated store to have a warm chat with the awesome team at IRIS Kelowna!