We try to escape colds, flu, gastro and now Covid-19, but the long winter months, the cold, the darker days, and the lack of vitamin D sometimes take their toll on our immune systems. Viruses run rampant; if you have children, you know how easily germs are passed around.

Here are a few tips to boost your immune system so you can have a healthy winter!

Eat well and stay hydrated

The intestines are key to our immune system. 60% of our immune cells are concentrated in the intestine. These cells have the role of sorting out the good and bad bacteria. If you eat a healthy and varied diet, i.e., 5 fruits and vegetables a day, animal or vegetable proteins once or twice a day, legumes and whole grains, then all the essential nutrients for our body will be transferred to the bloodstream. 

Water plays a fundamental role in the transport of substances in the body. We lose a lot of water daily through breathing, sweating or urinating. This is why bringing an average of 1.5 litres of water daily to our body is essential.

Channelling stress

It's all about balance. Small doses of stress are beneficial because they give the body the energy it needs to deal with everyday problems. In excess, it has a harmful effect on the immune system, causing an exacerbated reaction of the immune system.

Sleep well

Insufficient sleep increases vulnerability to infections, especially parasites and fungi. On the contrary, good sleep would help the immune system function and reconstitute itself. This is essential to the well-being of everyone. It also allows the body to recover, repair and recharge.

Practicing a sport activity

Regular physical exercise helps to prevent chronic diseases. Activities such as walking, biking or swimming allow the body to oxygenate itself and release muscular tension while stimulating and strengthening the immune system. 

Take food supplements

Vitamins and minerals are very good allies for boosting the immune system. If you wish to take food supplements to strengthen the immune system, your pharmacist can advise you on vitamins or supplements adapted to your health condition, age, and needs.