Sunglasses are an essential accessory if you're looking for a new style for your summer outfits or simply want to protect your eyes from UV rays. In 2024, women's sunglasses fashion is evolving towards innovative designs, bold shapes and high-quality materials. Here's a look at this year's hottest trends:

Classic aviator sunglasses

Classic aviators are making a comeback this year with modernized variations. Aviator sunglasses come in many styles, from pastel frames to colourful mirrored lenses. Temples adorned with metallic details or geometric patterns add a touch of elegance to this great classic.


Retro-chic "cat's eye" sunglasses

Cat's eye frames continue to dominate the fashion scene in 2024 but with a modern twist. Eye-catching details such as rhinestones, pearls or floral motifs enhance bold frames with angular lines. These retro-chic glasses instantly add a dose of glamour to any style.


Oversized glasses - Bold!

For those who like to stand out from the crowd, oversized sunglasses are an ideal choice. In 2024, XXL frames come in various shapes, from squares to circles to geometrics. Gradient lenses and transparent frames are trendy.


Sports eyewear - simple yet chic

For those with an active lifestyle, sporty sunglasses are not only practical but also fashionable. In 2024, sporty eyewear stands out for its clean lines, lightweight materials and high-performance polarized lenses. From brightly coloured frames to ergonomic details, these glasses combine style and functionality for active women.


Ecological and sustainable eyewear - natural style

With growing awareness of the environmental impact of fashion, eco-friendly sunglasses are gaining in popularity. Made from sustainable materials such as wood, bamboo or recycled plastic, these glasses offer an eco-friendly style without compromising on quality. Minimalist designs and natural accents make these glasses an elegant choice for environmentally-conscious people.


In 2024, women's sunglasses blend revisited classic styles and innovative designs. Whether you prefer the retro-chic lines of cat-eye frames or the modern glamour of oversized glasses, there's a perfect pair for every woman. Don't forget to choose eyewear that reflects your style while offering optimum protection against UV rays.

With these hot trends, you're ready to face the sun in style this summer!