Contact lenses bought online are unlikely to be the best choice for your eyes…even if their prices can be tempting! When you think of it, contact lenses are medical components that are placed directly on your cornea. So it makes sense that their purchase should be taken seriously. What most people don’t think or know is that If they are not well adjusted to fit your eyes, they can actually cause problems instead of helping you see better.

So many of these ads on Television or Social Media promise quality contact lenses at very low prices. At IRIS, our patients often ask us for our opinion about these low-cost contact lenses. Our answer: most of the time, it is too good to be true and here’s why:

It’s all about the prescription
Even if you provide the seller with your prescription, there is no guarantee that someone will actually make sure that you receive precisely what your eyes need to see better. If the prescription is not looked at and prepared carefully, there is a good chance that your lenses won’t be suitable for your eyesight and your eyes. Wearing contact lenses with a wrong prescription will definitely not help you to see better and may even be dangerous for the health of your eyes.

What if your new lenses do not suit you?
Many online retailers do not offer after-sales service that allows you to be reimbursed if there is a problem with the lenses. In addition, these vendors sometimes buy their lenses from other vendors whose products are really low quality. Therefore, the quality of contact lenses varies a lot from one online store to another. Did you know that many of these websites even sell products that have not been approved by Health Canada? 

When you buy contact lenses online, you don’t really have a guarantee. Online shopping has its share of risks. The contact lenses industry is no exception.

At IRIS, our optometrists know that every contact lens is a unique product, designed for a particular patient. From material to duration, including curvature, fit, oxygen permeability, resistance to deposits and moisture content, our team will help you pick the lenses that are just right for you. They will also take the time to advise you according to your lifestyle and your budget. Our human, medical, technological and personalized approach will allow you to choose contact lenses that really meet your needs. Dealing with our professionals guarantees that your lenses will give you optimal oculovisual health, good vision while being comfortable. 

To see life in its best light, you can count on your local IRIS optometrist!