At IRIS, the opportunities for optometrists are endless. The possibilities are only matched by the professional development an optometrist wishes to achieve in their career. 

At IRIS, we recognize the skills of optometrists and are committed to helping them develop new ones. Our dedicated team is the reason for our continued success. We are committed to providing a stimulating workplace in which optometrists can live their passion and develop the practices they want to build and the ambitions they want to achieve. At IRIS, we allow optometrists to focus on what really matters: Patient care!

IRIS also offers a lot to optometrists who wish to develop their business and become owners. IRIS has put in place teams and support systems to help partner optometrists focus on their goals. 

What does an IRIS co-owner optometrist look like?

Our co-owner optometrists have an entrepreneurial spirit and are leaders in their community. Our co-owner optometrists are autonomous, share the core values of passion, honesty and respect, and are committed to improving the vision of Canadians. They know the quality of the tools depends on those who use them and who seek to master the systems that IRIS has to collaborate in the continuous improvement of their profession and their work environment.  

If you are an optometrist and would like to join our family of passionate professionals, please contact a member of our professional recruitment team to discuss your career expectations and aspirations, including your ownership interest. We look forward to getting to know you better! Contact us today!